Blogger in Focus

In 2008 when Baraka Women was first born, we took a trip to Melbourne to meet those in the industry and introduce our label to that market. During that visit I met Seyma of @hijabrevivalofficial. And yes, even then before anyone else she was blogging about fashion. There was no @garypepper, no @songofstyle and definitely Read More

Travel Notes: The Red Centre

 I’ve been lucky enough to travel a fair bit ticking off those typical touristy destinations; climbing the Eiffel Tower, gondolas in Venice, New York’s Times Square and the mighty Niagara Falls to name a few. And for that reason I always expect the best experiences outside of the country I live in. This year that Read More

Mix it up: Luxe & Fast Fashion

Way way back in time there was a thing in fashion where you were absolutely brand loyal and fashion tiered focused. If you shopped luxury labels and Chanel was your brand then that’s what you wore forever, like a style uniform. And absolutely under no circumstances would a Chanel wearer buy Target and vice versa. Read More

Neighbourhood colours

So here’s the thing.  Black goes with everything.  And black and white are classic go to colours when you don’t know what to wear.  I do it all the time.  I need to get out the door and do 100 unglamourous jobs all due yesterday. So I pull out my trusted black pants and white Read More

Collection: Effervescence

My moodboard began with my actual mood.  I’ve been feeling very uplifted lately, with a wave of creative energy that I’m having trouble containing.  I really wanted to articulate this feeling, like bottling it for future reference.  This is the collection that followed: Effervescence.  It encompasses confidence, feminine form, happiness and surprise.  Greys and blacks Read More