Mix it up: Luxe & Fast Fashion

Way way back in time there was a thing in fashion where you were absolutely brand loyal and fashion tiered focused. If you shopped luxury labels and Chanel was your brand then that’s what you wore forever, like a style uniform. And absolutely under no circumstances would a Chanel wearer buy Target and vice versa. Then Sharon Stone did something!! I don’t particularly follow her career but I vividly remember this event and THANK HER profusely for it. Sometime in the 90s she came to the Oscars wearing a “Gap” white casual shirt matched back with a luxury Vera Wang skirt. If the Internet was around then, it would definitely have broken. She made it ok to wear what you liked no matter who made it.

Since then we have seen high end designers collaborate on special collections for Target itself, celebrities wearing just as much Zara as they do Dior and bloggers donning a mish mash of everything in between. For the first time women were allowing their own personal style shine through rather than a single brand.

And as a designer this excites me. I design with this phenomenon in mind. I think about what is out there in the market already and design in a way that I can be mixed right in. I want my designs to be at home in a wardrobe full of exciting things from all over the world, rubbing shoulders waiting for their owner to yet again wear them in a new way.

Image © unknown