Blogger in Focus

In 2008 when Baraka Women was first born, we took a trip to Melbourne to meet those in the industry and introduce our label to that market. During that visit I met Seyma of @hijabrevivalofficial. And yes, even then before anyone else she was blogging about fashion. There was no @garypepper, no @songofstyle and definitely no @Ascia_akf. She was doing the hard yards writing on her own blog page on a regular basis. Now things are much easier with Instagram and as such the rise and rise of Instagram based bloggers is growing rapidly with each camera click.

Through it all @hijabrevivalofficial has been there and still holds her own, continually growing into a creative soul. What I love most about her is her ability to both layer clothing like a supermodel as well as create jewellery that is as much unique as gorgeous. And her blog is still going as informative as ever, modest as ever, inspiring as ever.

I love her. And no matter how many more Instagram “stars” emerge, Seyma will still be my favourite layering queen.
All images © Hijabrevival